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At Westside Sailing, we believe in making sailing dreams come true. We are the market leader in the sale of sailboats and catamarans in the Benelux and Germany.

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We turn your dream into reality.

Westside Sailing, where masterful sailing experiences begin. As passionate experts in the sale of sailboats and catamarans, we bring you the perfect combination of craftsmanship and adventure. Choose Westside Sailing and experience the magic of sailing like never before.

"Just like you, we love sailing. We speak your language and understand your desires."
Your custom yacht

You don’t pay for unnecessary options with us. Together, we discuss which options are important to you. There’s no point in configuring your yacht for a round-the-world trip if you mainly sail on inland waters.

Our service

Sometimes, there are requested options that the shipyard does not offer. Specialized partner companies fulfill all your personal wishes. Our ‘Custom Line’ is a well-known presence on Dutch waters.

The warranty

We strive to deliver your new Bavaria in perfect condition. In the event that something does not function properly during the warranty period, all our customers benefit from our onboard service within the Netherlands.